Book Krystle

Krystle Rich offers:

Motivational speaking for middle school students,

Practical advice for high schoolers and

In-depth journalism lectures for college students.

College Lectures

Learn the truth about broadcast journalism from a pro

  • Do not leave college without…
  • How to land your first broadcast job
  • How stand out in the candidate pool
  • How to reach out to news directors
  • The truth about broadcasting, MMJ’ing
  • The formula on telling winning stories
  • Relationships and personal life in broadcasting
  • Contract Negotiation + Agents
  • The art of the live shot
  • Anchoring + creative writing
  • Big dreams, small income
  • Plus more…

Preparing for College

Tips and encouragement for high school students

  • Know before you go…
  • Stand out to admissions
  • Get involved with your university before you go
  • How to succeed in college
  • Internships + university jobs
  • You can work in your major now!
  • Shadowing professionals
  • Getting the most out of high school
  • Social Media
  • Volunteering
  • Get excited! A new beginning
  • Financing college
  • Plus more…

Middle School Motivation

Encouragement to last a lifetime

  • You can be anything… Yes, anything!
  • You can be something that doesn’t exist yet
  • What is your talent? Ask mom.
  • Create a vision from passion
  • Getting from your reality to your vision
  • Success starts now
  • Ask questions, google answers
  • How to succeed in high school
  • What to do when you want to give up
  • Don’t follow the trends
  • Time management
  • Try everything now
  • Choosing friends wisely
  • The truth: homework never ends
  • Start writing

Commencement Speaking

For pricing and availability, please send the desired date and time of your assembly.