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A Gun and a Prayer

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Ambivalent Hope laces up your shoes and takes you on a veracious journey in the lifestyle of the poor while uniting the privileged and underprivileged by assimilating our most basic need, God’s guiding voice and His innate ability to victoriously elevate you beyond circumstance. It focuses on the generational effects of decisions you make in life today. It constructs cultural issues that can be understood and appreciated by all.

Ambivalent Hope has a corresponding short film directed by Krystle Rich in Hollywood, CA.

Ambivalence means mixed emotions. It can even mean love and hate existing simultaneously. When you apply the term “Ambivalent” to the word “Hope,” the result is a “Hope Battle.”  The main character’s name is Tumaini Battle. “Tumaini,” means hope in Swahili. Tumaini (Hope) Battle has the same meaning of the book/film’s title: Ambivalent Hope.

Short Film

Book Trailer Original Music

“Cast it Out” is an original song written for the Ambivalent Hope book trailer/short film. It was co-written by Krystle Rich and Jasmin Rich, produced by Jairus McNeill and sung by New Brand & L.I.V.E.

Ambivalent Hope: A Gun and a Prayer will challenge your personal notion of hope through this fiction story regardless of your race, religion, gender or wherever you stand in life. Ambivalent Hope takes you on a life excursion alongside the growth process of a child who doesn’t realize he is poor until his life takes a drastic turn for the worse. On this quest, you will have an eye-opening experience as you step on every emotional crack and crevice that will allow you to empathize with the main character Tumaini’s victories and downfalls. As a boy becoming a man with little guidance, Tumaini’s shaky relationship with God grows through trial and error. You will find yours growing while Tumaini learns that God actually does and there is no heart-wrenching situation that you have to face alone. At the most turbulent moment in Tumaini’s life, he is forced to choose the uncommon path of God or the comfortably familiar path that handicapped so many in his life. Tumaini learns that breakthrough is associated with how you recognized and apply God’s voice in life’s trying situations. He also learns that His voice is not the emotionally lead scream inside of you. Rather, “God’s voice is a wisdom whisper longing to be boisterous and considered deep down in your spirit.” – Chapter 13.

Note from Author

Ambivalent Hope is a masterpiece. Krystle Rich tells an enlightening and inspiring story of a young man who defies the odds to discover a rich life in God. This book will challenge your notions and cause you to see the triumphs of life from a perspective most rarely find.Touré Roberts, Pastor One Church International, Author

While set in a poverty-stricken, inner-city environment, ‘Ambivalent Hope’ will take you on a journey that is relatable to all, regardless of race, creed or socioeconomic status. It deals with the internal issues of life that all human beings must face and poses the internal questions of the soul that we all must answer while deftly addressing practical, real-life matters of family, culture, peer pressure and poverty. You’ll literally find yourself fretting over the main character’s every decision, pulling for him to make the right choice and at the same time, searching your own soul to examine your innermost feelings, needs and motivations.Chris Broussard, FOX Sports

Ambivalent Hope is simply a brilliant and must-read piece of work. Krystle Rich is able to take real life situations that plague many individuals living in the inner-city and shed light to the question – Does God really exist in with the poor? This inspiring story challenges the mind and compels readers to question themselves if they were placed in the shoes of one young man as he struggles with the balance of his reality versus his faith. The life and story of this young man is truly thought provoking if not motivating. This book is suitable for all readers as you will find yourself deeply indulged in the storyline, hanging on word for word as the inner battle of this young man is the battle shared by many others.Shannel Douglas, Anchor/Reporter

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Author of Ambivalent Hope Krystle Rich also served as the script writer, casting director, producer, director, cinematographer and editor of the book’s 15 minute short film/extended trailer. Rich casted 19 talented actors in Hollywood and spent four months completing the short film/extended trailer, which is the very first book trailer in short film length. The short film/book trailer was released after a private screening in Los Angeles.

Norman SaundersCEO of Norm Drew It, is the cover artist of Ambivalent Hope: A Gun and a Prayer. Saunders drew the original and intense work of art that graces the cover. Sanders is perfectly able to capture the subtitle “A Gun and a Prayer” in his artwork. Norman Saunders is a well-known artist in his hometown of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His artwork concentrates on an urban and “up to your own interpretation” style. His work is quickly and organically sweeping the East-coast market. View more of his artwork by clicking CLICK HERE. For business inquiries, email